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So you want to up your game play...?

January 9th, 2012

So you want to up your game play...?

Lighting # 1 Blog

FIRST...Take a look at the swans...What kind of lighting would you call this? If you said, win today's prize...What's the prize?....The fact that you knew the correct response!

Have you ever heard the term lighting is everything? Well, I'm here to tell you, emphatically, that it most certainly is. Without it, plants and animals would not exist...but that's another story, for another blog.

Next time you pack up your gear, check to make sure you have plenty of batteries, and have meticulously cleaned all your lenses. STOP.

What time of day is it? Morning, noon, or evening? Letís say you are just getting started. Try this practice, get out there early in the morning, go to your favorite spot to take outdoor pics and start shooting. Then, go home.

Wait till noon and go to the same place and take pics from the same angles, as you did in the early morning. STOP.

Go home and compare the images. See any difference? Harsh lighting? Whiteout all over the noon pics? Ok, so you are starting to 'get the picture', sorry about the pun, couldn't resist.

Now, go back out to your favorite spot in the evening (before twilight...) and take some more similar images (you may need your tripod for these). GREAT!. Now go home and upload all of them to your computer...yes, ALL. I use PICASA II, but there are many photo programs... (Don't worry, you can delete the really bad ones later.)

Once you have uploaded all the pics, start by finding one image you took from all three time periods. Hold them and put them all in a collage. Now view the three together, which one is you favorite? Be honest: Ask the neighbors, your significant other, the family pet, whatever. But do it and you will SEE why lighting is the most important part of dynamic images.

Well, that's all for lighting, for now. We will explore it more in-depth later. Next time be prepared for the "clusters of three".

Until then, Happy Hunting,


August Blast

August 1st, 2011

August Blast

Here's your chance to enhance your wall decor and stimulate conversation!
So much of the natural world surrounding us is taken for granted...unnoticed in the bustle of our daily lives.

FEAST your eyes on some of the beauty that enamours and touches that place inside yourself. Tap your inner voice and pause. We all need quiet moments of reflection, so grab a moment, chill, and thank the stars that envelope us for the daily beauty we sometimes forget.


Twitter me this

May 16th, 2011

Twitter me this

You guessed it! I am officially a "Twitpic". Do you know what a cenotaph is?

Well, Nathan Hale...hopefully you all know his sacrafice for an up-and-coming country...was hung in New York, however as he (pardon the pun) 'hailed' from Connecticut, his body never made it back to the rolling foothills of his native state. So his family had a cenotaph carved and placed it on their property. Look him up sometime...great moment in our history.